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What If Your Station Voice Sounded More Like Your Best Concert Buddy?..





Providing custom crafted radio imaging VO from an exquisitely equipped studio deep in the the Rocky Mountains... Okay, actually Denver, but who really cares? The important thing is that Drew is absolutely loooooooves radio imaging. Probably a little too much, but that's good for you. It means an imaging guy who is truly stoked about being on your station and making sure you imaging is sharp, relevant, fresh and funny when it can be - touching when it needs to be - but always memorable. In other words, tight af, as the kids say. Rest assured, if you like what you hear in his demos, you can be sure you will love working with Drew. 





A Fresh Coat of Fun Paint

What's fun paint? Don't ask us, all we know is it smells good. Also, things have changed in radio. In 2019 your listeners want a familiar voice that sounds like a friend they might ask to hold their spot at show, not a gravel throated old dude whispering your calls out of his free candy van. Nothing against candy. 

Doggo Doin' a High Five!

This is an awesome dog doin' a high five. Now if there's one thing people are into these days, it's doggos doin' things. We don't know his name but were gonna guess it's Rufus and he's a good 'boi'. So relateable! 

Quick Turns & Sick Burns

The one thing that never goes out of style is getting your copy back a few minutes after you sent it. In radio, that's the extra blue cheese with your hot wings. You won't ever be waiting until tomorrow for your VO. Drew also aspires to be cool and creamy but has had less success with that. He is however, frequently found near hot wings.   



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Main Studio

1101 E. Bayaud Ave #E2209 

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